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3430 US 9, Freehold


"Authentic Peruvian Restaurant, the Best in New Jersey"

Asu Mare

Enjoy our specials every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Call 732-637-8643 or visit 3430 US 9, Freehold, NJ 07728


Drop by our restaurant and fuel yourself with a yummy meal.

There is something special for everyone at Asu Mare. Please your palate with our appetizing soups and more.

Pamper your taste buds with great food

Arroz con Pollo y Papa a la huancaina

Plato es Especiales/ Special Soups


Green rice with chicken and boiled potato with hot cream sauce

Seco con frijoles


Beef with White rice and beans

Cau Cau






Escabeche de Pescado


Ají de gallina


Pollo Broster




Bisteck a lo Pobre


Aguadito de pollo



Chicken soup with Cilantro and Rice

Sopa a la Minuta


Beef Soup with Angel hair and egg drop

Caldo de Gallina


Hen soup

Caldo de Mote


White Corn Kernel soup

Chupe de Camarones


Shrimp soup with rice and cheese

Sopa de Casa


House secos soup



Beef Soup



Seafood Soup



Fish Soup

Sopa Wanton


Wanton Soup